Fitness Instructor Leads Balcony Gym Class From His Rooftop

A fitness instructor has led a class for people to join from their balconies under coronavirus lockdown in Spain.

Rather than using the lockdown as an excuse for a break, personal trainer Gonzalo decided to run an exercise session from his apartment block.

Video shows the fitness fanatic coaching residents of his apartment block on their balconies, while he leads the class from the rooftop.

The personal trainer instructs residents on their balcony from his rooftop. Image: Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales

"This is the spirit of Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales," Gonzalo's workplace wrote in its Instagram post about the gym.

No matter how adverse the circumstances are, we are going to make the best for you.

The complex work out required no complex equipment, with a focus on cardio and body weight moves like squats, star jumps and lunges.

Meanwhile, gyms in Australia are also making contingency plans as coronavirus continues to spead.

Sharyn Millis from Bellistic is determined to continue classes safely for her clients but that will mean some changes.

"I’ve decided to be a little proactive and put a contingency plan in place in the event that we do have to go into isolation," the trainer wrote on her Facebook page.

"I know a lot of our members would not want to stop their training, therefore, I have decided, if the compulsory isolation does come into effect, I will offer online zoom meetings where you will be able to log in and train from home."

Millis runs classes and aerial yoga that involve shared equipment. Similarly to her Spanish counterparts, Millis would have to overcome the challenge of no gym equipment and adapt her workouts.



Aussie Gym Owners Say Workouts Won’t Be Affected By Coronavirus

Australia’s gyms have stepped up their hygiene practices to combat the spread of coronavirus during workouts.

"All the workouts will be body weight and if anyone does have equipment at home, they will just need to let me know well ahead of the planned class time so I can offer the alternatives for you," Millis explained.

A number of Australian gyms have improved their hygiene management amidst concerns the shared sites could spread coronavirus.