Pornhub Offering Free Premium Memberships To Italy During Quarantine

Easing the blow of a nationwide quarantine, Pornhub has announced they're making it easier for Italians to stay home amid the coronavirus.

This week the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, ordered the entire country to stay home following the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continuing to rise.

Those hoping to travel would need to seek permission while Conte announced: "the whole of Italy will become a protected zone".

"We all must give something up for the good of Italy," he continued, "We have to do it now. This is why I decided to adopt even more strong and severe measures to contain the advance... and protect the health of all citizens."



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Italy's 60 million residents will be placed under lockdown conditions, and movement will be restricted across the entire country as coronavirus cases rise.



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With more and more major events being cancelled throughout the country over coronavirus fears, many are wondering if such extreme actions are necessary.

One thing the citizens of Italy won't have to give up is a rockin' good time, as Pornhub made their own special announcement this week, offering premium subscriptions to the site for all Italians free of charge.

"To keep you company at home during these weeks, you’ll be able to access Pornhub Premium for free for the whole month, with no need for a credit card," the site's announcement read.

Pornhub Offering Free Premium Memberships To Italy During Quarantine
Photo: Pornhub via TheNextWeb.

The site also announced that any revenue from its creators hub, Modelhub, will be donated to local hospitals.

This isn't the first time the coronavirus has inspired an adult website to extend a hopefully washed hand of generosity.

In February, CamSoda offered passengers stranded on two quarantined cruise ships docked outside Japan and Hong Kong free webcam sessions.



Website Offers Free Porn To Stranded Coronavirus Cruise Passengers

Well, this is one way to ease the boredom. A website is offering free porn to passengers stranded on a cruise ship for at least two weeks due to a coronavirus outbreak.

CamSoda's vice president said at the time, "We like cruises just as much as the next guy, but without activities or human interaction, the boredom must be crippling," adding that he hoped the offer would help passengers "keep their minds off" the virus.

Just don't forget all that good advice to make sure to wash your hands really well.

Featured image: Getty Images / Pornhub.