Pet Snake Named D*ckhead Has NSFW Marking

A family's new pet snake has gone viral online after they revealed its NSFW nickname was a result of a very particular marking on the animal's head.

Earlier this week, Craig Park shared a story on his Facebook page XtremeSnake Gaming of how his family's new pet, a 1.2-metre long corn snake came to acquire its name ... 'D*ckhead'.

Park said his dad was the one who first got one-year-old D*ckhead, at a local reptile expo near the family's home in the United States over the weekend.

Image: Facebook.

"My mum cleverly named him 'D*ckhead'... can anyone guess why?" Park asked, alongside a photo of their new pet.

While you might miss it at first, the snake got its name because the scales on top of its head resemble... well... how do we put this... men's genitalia.

Image: Facebook.

After going viral online, D*ckhead even went on to star in his owner's Facebook live Call of Duty stream, with the snake showing off to his newfound fans.

Image: Facebook.

"I'm in a group of just other people who have other snakes and reptiles and exotic pets so I just posted (the photos) because I thought it was cool and funny about the pattern on his head," Park said on the video.

"And for some weird reason it just became super popular, it was really weird."



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