Micra Driver Filmed Slamming Into Car 'With Child Inside' In Road Rage Attack

A Nissan Micra driver has been filmed allegedly crashing into another car in east London, which was claimed to have a child and woman in the backseat.

Footage shows the Micra driver initially kick the door of the other car, while it's parked on the side of the road.

The Toyota driver then moves the car forward a few metres as the Nissan driver races back to his car.

The Micra is then filmed crashing into the other car. The car narrowly misses the other driver -- who was standing beside it - but the incident rips off the Toyota car door.

The incident happened in East London on Sunday. Image: Instagram/UB1UB2

It is understood the Toyota was transporting a family of three, including a one-year-old baby.

The altercation occurred on Sunday in Ilford, east London.

The man who filmed the footage told U.K media that the two drivers had engaged in a verbal argument before things turned violent.

A number of bystanders were seen rushing to the scene to try and stop the Micra from driving away.

Image: Instagram/UB1UB2

The driver was filmed sticking up his middle finger to onlookers as he left the scene.

It's understood the child in the Toyota, as well as a man and woman, believed to be the child's parents, avoided serious injury following the collision.

A video of the terrifying encounter has since been posted to Instagram, horrifying viewers.