Coronavirus Death Toll Spikes In US, Six Killed By Virus In Washington State

Four more people have died from coronavirus in Washington State, bringing the state's death toll to six, health officials confirmed.

The disease that emerged in central China was taking a mounting toll on America's nerves on Monday.

Stores in regions with COVID-19 clusters were selling out of basic goods as people stocked up.

The disease has killed more than 3,000 people globally and infected almost 89,000, with the vast majority of cases and deaths in China.

While the number of new cases recorded daily in that epicenter country has declined for weeks, the virus continues to spread fast in South Korea, Iran and Italy, prompting increased travel warnings and restrictions.



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NASA has released a series of incredible satellite images which reveal how pollution in China has almost cleared following the coronavirus outbreak.

While their research has yet to be peer-reviewed, a team of scientists in Washington said the deaths could be the tip of an iceberg.

They said hundreds of more people in King County, where Seattle is located, may already have been exposed to the disease.

The potential for mild or even asymptomatic cases to go undetected, but still spread the virus, has been noted repeatedly by health officials as one of the biggest challenges in fighting the disease.

The red dots indicate coronavirus cases in the US. Image: Gis Data

It makes the virus a deceptive enemy, and in spite of assurances from officials that the risk to the general public is low, the stockpiling and a week of stock market losses show that, like the disease itself, fear is still spreading.

The US now has at least 100 cases of coronavirus. Only seven of those have recovered and six have died.

Featured image via AAP.