Barbie Goes For Gold With Tokyo 2020 Olympics Collection

Barbie is leaving her heels at home as a collection of new dolls have been designed to reflect the five new sports added to the Olympic program.

The new sports include baseball/softball, climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing.

Attendees of Mattel's sneak peek preview at this year's New York Toy Fair got a glimpse of the new Barbies rocking  their Tokyo 2020 Olympic uniforms.

Barbie is dressed for the 2020 Olympics. Image: Reuters

"We're really excited to inspire kids around the world to be able and to play out their Olympic dreams and, obviously, get that gold medal that we know they all want," Mattel's spokesperson, Marissa Beck, told Reuters.

Mattel's other toy lines, such as Hot Wheels and Uno, also got the Olympic treatment.

"The Olympics are so big, and you also have to think globally," toy industry expert and TTPM's chief executive Jim Silver said.

The five new Barbies. Image: Reuters

"The whole world watches the Olympics. So, when you have something that's going to appeal to the entire world, and young kids are going to be watching, to have products that are tied to it, really makes sense."

The New York Toy Fair is the largest toy show in the Western Hemisphere, with nearly 1,000 global companies are showcasing the products.



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Participants are part of the toy industry, which has total annual economic impact in the United States at $97.2 billion, according to the fair's organiser, the Toy Association.