Tech-Savvy Toddler Saves Mum's Life By Unlocking Smartphone And Raising Alarm

A quick thinking two-year-old girl has been hailed a hero for saving her mother's life.

Sophia Mizen's mother Samantha, 28, collapsed onto the floor at the home in Dorset, England.

Little Sophia quickly grabbed her mum's phone and unlocked it using the fingerprint sensor with her mum’s digit. She then opened Facebook messenger and video-called her grandmother by clicking on the picture of her face.

Debbie Baker lives 160 miles away in Herefordshire and asked her granddaughter to describe the situation and to show her where Samantha was via the video call.

Sophia said her mum was "poorly" and angled the phone camera to point at her mother who was lying face down on the floor.

“I kept talking to Sophia and asking her if her mummy was breathing, and she was able to help tell the 999 operator through me what mummy was like," Baker said.

“Not once did she move, and she never came around from being unconscious."

Image: Bournemouth Daily Echo

Baker quickly called 999.

With the help of her four-year-old brother Ethan, Sophia grabbed a blanket and pillow for her mother before waiting for emergency services to arrive.

According to the Bournemouth Daily Echo Samantha had been sick with a stomach bug and likely collapsed due to dehydration, doctors said.

Now awake and recovery, Samantha said she was totally shocked by Sophia's ability to unlock her phone.

“She knows, to speak to my mum, she needs to click on her face, but I didn’t know she knew how to unlock my phone and which app to use," she told the publication.

“Sophia has always been caring, she would always come and cuddle me and ask me if I needed anything.”

Samantha has since been discharged from hospital. She also said she expected Ethan to be the one to help her because she had educated him on what to do if a situation like this one occurred.

“I never realised she soaked in what I was telling her brother."

Featured image via the Bournemouth Daily Echo.