The Oscars For Dogs: Best Snaps From The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

A Standard Poodle has won the 144th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show -- and these pictures of pampered pooches living their best life will win your heart.

The Best in Show has been awarded, bringing an end to another year of seriously pampered pooches.

The past three days have seen the fluffiest, most agile and well-trained pooches compete at one of the world's biggest dog shows.

Since May 1877, dog breeders and trainers have flocked to the Westminster Kennel Club in New York.

The competition sees pooches tested on their agility and good looks.

In 2020 Siba the poodle beat 200 competitors to be awarded Best in Show.

She is the fifth of her breed to claim the honour.

This is Siba...

Here she is again...

Queen Siba. Image: Getty
The face of a WINNER. Image: Getty

Here's a few standouts from the competition.

Two Yorkshire Terriers get pampered before participating. Image: Getty
Dog shows are not all glamour. Image: Getty
A Cocker Spaniel relaxes backstage. Image: Getty
This Komondor named Addie competed in the Working Group category. Image: Getty
This Fox Terrier named Wire should have won best beard. Image: Getty
A Welsh terrier has his teeth checked. Image: AP
A Havanese named Bono. Image: Getty
Another poodle during the competition. Image: Getty
Wilma the Boxer won the Best Working Group dog. Image: Getty
This dog show business can be quite tiring. Image: Getty
Purple fur is the next in dog fashion. Image: Getty
Getting groomed before participating. Image: Getty
This owner is really proud of his bulldog. Image: Getty
There is a dog under there. Image: Getty
And under there. Image: Getty
Have to get the fluff just right. Image: Getty

Always choose sequins. Image: Getty

Here's stunning Siba again, in her glory.

Siba looking very proud of herself after winning. Image: Getty
Stunning darling! Image: Getty