Elaborate Marriage Proposal Shows Up On Google Maps

A man's elaborate marriage proposal has been captured in one of the most unlikely of places - Google Maps.

Hailing from Germany, part-time farmer Steffen Schwarz carved out the words "Will you marry me?" in a corn field.

He then asked his girlfriend to fly a drone over the field revealing the message. But it seems his girlfriend isn't the only one to witness the romantic gesture.

Schwarz told local news site he had no idea his proposal had appeared on Google Maps until a relative in Canada sent him a screenshot.

Image: Google Maps

He had used a seeding machine to spell out the proposal across a field spanning two hectares in Huettenberg, which is just north of Frankfurt in central Germany.

According to reports, he told his girlfriend he had spotted wild boars in the field when he asked her to fly a drone over it.

"At first she couldn't see it [the proposal] because the drone wasn't flying high enough. But when she realised, she said yes immediately," he said.

Thank goodness for that.

The couple plan to marry in June.