Mum's Horror After Son Comes Home With 'Creepy Note From Bus Driver'

A mother has spoken of her horror after finding a "creepy" letter allegedly written by her son's school bus driver in his backpack. 

The woman, from Oklahoma in the U.S., shared the letter with several local outlets, saying her son, a seventh grader, was sent home with the note on Friday.

The letter, purported to be written by the boy's bus driver, asks him to "hang out together to talk, play", and claims he "like[s] friendship with kids".

"I'm writing this note to you because as you know when school is out, there's really no time to talk, just a quick hug," a screenshot of the letter reads.

A screenshot of the letter. Image: Oklahoma News 4

"For some time, I've been wanting to talk to you about spending time together with you and I, and, maybe with some other friends of yours, like what do you think? Of course it would be with the OK from your parents.

"I really want to be friends with you and every once in a while, hang out together to play, talk etc. Yes! I am a grown up, but I like friendship with kids like you. Tell me what you think, no pressure though."

The boy's mother immediately called the school and police, telling Oklahoma News 4 she was horrified the bus driver "wanted to be chummy with [her] kid".

"He wants to do things that are unthinkable with my kid," she said.

The mother said she first sounded the alarm when the bus driver "asked for a hug" earlier in the school year. But she never thought things would progress.

Local outlets report the school district has confirmed the driver's actions were inappropriate, and that he is no longer employed.

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