Meet The Nine-Year-Old Tattoo Artist Who's Been Inking Since She Was Two

They say you should start 'em young and apparently that rings true even when it comes to tattoo artistry.

A nine-year-old German girl is believed to be the world's youngest tattoo artist, having started inking clients when she was a toddler.

Now, Maya Lu is in high demand.

Dubbed the "Princess of Psyland" according to her Instagram bio, Maya declares she has been holding a tattoo machine since the age of two and is available via "appointments only" whenever she is in the tattoo studio in the German town of Tengen and only when she "feels like it".

She started expressing her artistic talents as a toddler by inking scribbles on her parent's feet.

Maya's parent Lily Lu, a non-binary artist, owns a tattoo studio called Psyland 25 where the youngster spent most of her days growing up and honing her skills.

Over the years she learned numerous design techniques as well as how to use the tattoo gun without supervision, according to Lily.

Maya's artworks range from monkeys to robots and flowers.

But according to Lily, it "took years" before Maya could be convinced to ink some of Lily's friends.

"My friends have asked her for a long time to get a tattoo and I even bribed her with candy and presents, but she never felt like it," Lily said.

A collection of Maya's designs. Image: Psyland25

"I mean she's a child and she does this for fun. So, you can't just come and get ink. Its luck and everything has to fit. But when she likes you, your chances are big."

In a video posted to YouTube Maya describes her love of monkeys and working with big needles.

"My favourite piece so far was the monkey I made on my friend Angelo. It was the one in the short movie," she said.

She added: "I want say thank you to everyone who has a tattoo from me already and I hope I find people who want get big monkeys done with the big needle."

You have to be 18 to get a tattoo in many countries (including Germany) but there is reportedly no minimum age to actually become a tattoo artist.

Featured image via Instagram @maya_lu_psyland_25.