Catpuccino: Oil Worker Rescues Trapped Kittens Using Coffee Flask

Apparently a cup coffee can do more than just keeping us awake -- it can also save lives.

A Canadian oil worker has rescued three abandoned kittens that were stuck, frozen to the snow, using a cup of his morning brew.

After trying to free them with his bare hands, only to realise that their tails were frozen solid, Kendall Diwisch returned to his vehicle to grab his flask of warm coffee before pouring it slowly over the kittens' tails.

He was driving down a small road near one of his wells in Alberta when he spotted the kittens in the middle of the road.

"Today I found these three fellows on one of the back roads near one of my wells. Most likely dropped off. Poor things were frozen into the ice so they had to have been there all night," he said in a Facebook post.

"That is so cruel."

He can be heard laughing, telling the felines not to drink the coffee as it worked its melting magic on the snow.

Diwisch managed to free the cats (none were harmed) before taking them home to be fed and watered. He also had them dewormed and put a call out to see if anyone would adopt them.

"They're looking a lot healthier but are in need of a new home," he said.

It didn't take long to find a home for the "three little rascals" because a short time later Diwisch updated the post to confirm that the kittens had been taken in by the same family, meaning they would stay together and not be separated.

"All three are eating and drinking and very energetic. Thanks for everyone’s consideration and offering to take them very appreciated," he wrote.

An animal shelter, Cause for Critters, confirmed on their Facebook page that the kittens were taken in by a family living in Drayton Valley.

"For those that saw the story about the three kittens frozen to the snow, we are happy to say that they are happily in their new home. We got a visit from them the other day," Cause for Critters said.