'World's Oldest Woman', Born In The 1800s, Has Died

A woman, who was thought to be the oldest female on earth, has died aged 127.

Fatima Mirzokulova was reportedly born in what is now known as Tajikistan on March 13, 1893, during the Tsarist Russia era.

She would have lived through the Russian Revolution, two World Wars, the entire Soviet era, all while witnessing the fall of communism with Tajikistan gaining its independence.

She had eight children and more than 200 grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, news agency reports.

Believed to be her passport, which lists her date of birth as March 13, 1893. Image:

Mirzokulova spent most of her life working at a cooperative farm where she continued to harvest cotton long after her retirement, simply because she loved the job.

According to reports, there are 78 people older than 100 living in Tajikistan, 50 of them are women.

Claims about her age have not yet been verified but if true she could have been the last woman alive who was born in the 19th century.

The world's oldest ever verified woman was Jeanne Louise Calment of France. She died aged 122 in 1997.