Four-Year-Old Cowboy Does Ranch Chores Like A Pro

A four-year-old aspiring cowboy takes his job of feeding the poddy calf on his family’s ranch very seriously.

Luke James Londo likes to help feed the calf to do his part on the family ranch in California.

“This is a daily chore that he enjoys helping with,” mum Rebecca Londo told 10 daily.

Luke has all the farm necessities to do his job. Image: Rebecca Londo

“We feed the calf, known as Bucky, milk twice a day because his mother was unable to produce enough to keep him and herself healthy enough.”

The family have run beef cows on a few thousand acres for four years.

In that short time, young farmer Luke has learnt to do his job like a pro with the help of a toy ute and his puppy.

“Luke wants to be just like his dad and take on anything that has to do with being a cowboy so when there are chores to be done he jumps right in,” Ms Londo explained.

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Every day four-year-old Charlie dons his blue shearing singlet and jeans so he can “shear” his teddies.

However, it’s not farming where Luke sees his future.

“His father, Ben Londo, is a college rodeo coach here in California at Cal Poly University so Luke also aspires to be a rodeo cowboy just like dad!”

Luke happily feeds 'Bucky' twice a day. Image: Rebecca Londo

For now, the video of Luke doing his chores is doing its job too.

“We hope people enjoy the video and see the compassion we have for our animals and the work we try to instill in our kids to take good care of them.”