Mystery Surrounds Discovery Of 42 Skeletons With Hands Bound Together, Buried In Shallow Graves

More than 40 skeletons, believed to have their hands bound together, have been recovered from shallow graves at a building site in Britain.

The remains are thought to date back to Anglo Saxon times and were found in Buckingham in December, about 100 km north west of London.

Local news paper, Buckingham Today, said many hangings and public executions did once take place in the county town of Aylesbury, just 27 km away.  Historians believe the bodies could have been transported.

It is understood they were unearthed during ground works on farmland which will be transformed into 72 retirement flats.

One of the graves. Image: Buckingham Today/Jane Russell

Now developers are feeling the heat, with historians and local residents accusing Brio Retirement Living Holdings of trying to keep the find hush hush.

The building company has been made to commission an archaeological investigation of the site as a condition of winning planning permission, according to Buckingham Today.

However, the 42 bodies were reportedly found a number of weeks ago but the archaeologists' report is nowhere to be seen.

And the local townspeople are not impressed.

Speaking to the local news outlet, Bucks County Council's Archaeological Service (BCAS) claimed it had not seen the report but is aware of the mysterious find which is "of great historical significance".

"It should not be hushed up,” district and town councillor Robin Stuchbury said.

“I am aware that the bodies were found in December. There were more than 40 of them and they had their hands bound behind their backs, which infers they were prisoners of some kind."

They were unearthed during ground works for a new development of 72 retirement flats on former farmland off Brackley Road in Buckingham. Image: Google Earth

She believes they could date back to Anglo Saxon times, or from the Civil War.

“Or they could be criminals who were hanged on the gallows in the town," Stuchbury added.

For now, the skeletons have been removed and historians will work to determine whether there are any artifacts, buried alongside the bodies that might help determine the time of the deaths.