'Most Dogs In A Conga Line' World Record Set

A 12-year-old dog trainer in Germany has set the world record for the most dogs in a conga line with her impressive pack of pooches.

Alexa Lauenburger set the record with her dogs; Emma, Jennifer, Katy, Maya, Nala, Sabrina, Sally and Specki.

All eight dogs were required to conga for at least five metres to set the record.

The dogs were extremely well-behaved. Photo: Guinness World Records

Although not stipulated, Lauenburger also managed to arrange the dogs in order of height.

The achievement surprised even Guinness World Records adjudicator, Lena Kuhlmann.

"I thought it would be way more difficult, but the dogs were so well trained and so well behaved," she admitted to Guinness World Records.



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The record adds to Lauenburger's impressive list of world record achievements.

The teen also holds records for 'Fastest Five Metre Backwards Walk By A Dog'  (5.66 secs) and 'Fastest Time To Jump Five Hurdles On Hind Legs By A Dog' (6.73 secs).

The 'dog whisperer' said the key is knowing your animals.

"It’s really important when you want to teach a dog to find a trick that suits the dog,” she told Guinness World Records.

The 12-year-old now holds three world record titles. Photo: Guinness World Records

Despite her young age, Lauenburger has years of dog training experience under her belt after starting the job at the age of five with her family.

"We are with the dogs 24/7," she said.

"As soon as I come back from school, after I’ve done my homework, I quickly eat something and go to see them. We basically spend every free minute with the dogs."

Lauenburger has also won Germany's equivalent of Got Talent and appeared on both Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions and America’s Got Talent: Champions.