Russia Has A New Tourist Attraction -- Racing Tanks

Amusement park operators in Moscow must have turned to the ‘think tank’ in dreaming up the newest addition to a site known for rides and ice skating.

It took three years for Sergei Akimovto to create the attraction, mini models of Soviet-era tanks. He drew on his skills from building full-scale military models for the movie industry.

The model Soviet World War Two T-34 tanks just fit one adult and child. Image: Reuters

Although the tanks don't have any firepower,  Akimovto said they do ignite imaginations.

"This was an attempt to pull the children away from smartphones and tablets, and return them to a kind of childhood we used to have when we used to use our hands," he told Reuters.

"This was our task - a child should come, sit inside, grab the levers and see what it feels like, how it feels to drive it."

However, driving a tank isn't as easy as jumping behind the wheel of a car.



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"It is a completely different feeling because of skid steering. A tank can roll around on one place. It does not have a normal steering wheel to turn to an exact angle. So, the principle of such vehicles is completely different," Akimov explained.

There's just enough room for an adult and a child in the miniature models of Soviet World War Two T-34 tanks, something Moscow resident Andrei is grateful for.

"It  is super immersive, my child liked it a lot," he told Reuters.

"You can rotate the turret and it is much cooler than ordinary electric carts. So, this idea is super."

The Tankodrome attraction took three years to develop. Photo: Reuters

Fellow Moscow resident, Sergei Levin, believed the new attraction actually a nod to the past.

"I think this is our history; our grandfathers fought in such tanks and brought peace to the whole world," he told Reuters.

Two laps on the track in a tiny tank cost 500 roubles (around AUD$12), and the attraction is available on weekends and holidays, according to Sokolniki park website.