WATCH: Gang Of Furries Rescues Woman While Dressed As Fluffy Animals

A group of costumed crusaders have come to the rescue of a woman outside a furry convention in the U.S.

The 'furries' witnessed a man allegedly assaulting his girlfriend outside of FurCon in San Jose California, according to CNN.

Furries are fans of fictitious animal characters with human characteristics -- such as the ability to walk on two legs or talk. Sonic the Hedgehog,  Bugs Bunny and Pikachu from Pokemon are characters in pop culture that could be considered 'Furry'.

A DJ who was working FurCon (a furry convention) claimed he had been taking a cigarette break when "out of nowhere" he heard a woman screaming.

"We heard a woman's screams coming from inside and saw the passenger throwing full fists at whoever was driving," Robbie Ryans told CNN.

Furries rushed to help a woman outside FurCon California. Image: @robbiesets

Ryans shared footage of the alleged incident on social media.

"We got up and ran towards the car, my friend pulled open the door and we both held onto the attacker. The girl driver was yelling for him to get out, as he started trying to fight us off."

From there more people who had been attending the convention joined in the scuffle, a few of them were in costume.

Ryan's footage shows one was dressed as a pink dinosaur.

A police report alleged a male suspect had assaulted his girlfriend in a car, prompting the furries to jump into action.

The suspect was arrested for domestic violence.