Mum Who Was Acting As Surrogate Dies While Giving Birth

Mum of two Michelle Reaves died while giving birth to a baby she was carrying for another family. She wanted to help the couple as they couldn't have kids of their own.

According to KSAZ, the California woman died from complications but the baby survived.

Reaves leaves behind her husband Chris and two children, Gage and Monroe.

“I can’t even begin to imagine what her husband Chris and her two babies are going through so I want to start this page to help raise money for help with the kids, for Chris as they all adjust, funeral services or anything at all to make it as easy as we can on them,” wrote Jaime Herwehe, who organised a GoFundMe for the family.



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"No one deserves to lose their mama so young or the mother of their children," Herwehe wrote.

The fundraiser has raised more than $US50,000.

Herwehe went on to explain how the couple wanted to help another family who couldn’t have kids of their own. This was Michelle’s second time acting as a surrogate for them.

"... as she was delivering the baby this morning, one complication led to the next and she fought for her life. Although the baby made it out safe, Michelle did not," Herwehe wrote.

“She will always be known for the love she had for her family."