WATCH: Baby Sings AC/DC Hit And The Internet Is 'Thunderstruck'

Proud American dad Matt MacMillan has created the ultimate Acca Dacca tribute with his baby son Ryan.

Through the arrangement of baby Ryan’s gurgles, coos and sneezes, the New Jersey man recreated the AC/DC classic 'Thunderstruck'.

Image: Matt MacMillan

Clearly a labor of love and absolute rocking dedication, the product engineer by day/music producer by night confessed to spending “a year recording my son making all sorts of baby noises”, in a special ‘making of’ video.

From there MacMillan “manually sorted 83 clips according to pitch”, then organised each clip according to note, creating 21 notes in total. Enough to carry the tune.

He then listened to the AC/DC track over and over again, figuring out the notes by ear. And after arranging all the noises/notes together to create the melody, all that was missing was the rhythm section.

Image: Matt MacMillan

For the beat, he used his son's sneeze as a cymbal, a clip of baby Ryan hitting a sofa with his hand for the drum, and slapping the floor “for the snare”.

So does it work? Baby, it absolutely rocks!

But Matt and Ryan, if you’re taking requests, may we suggest: ‘It’s a long way to the cot if you wanna rock 'n' roll’ or 'whole lotta nappy'?

Watch now, and you too will be left thunderstruck.

Featured Image: Matt MacMillan