Siblings Sing Delta Goodrem's Bushfire Relief Song In Sign Language

A brother and sister duo have teamed up to sing Delta Goodrem’s bushfire charity song ‘Let It Rain’ in sign language, to encourage more donations to fire-affected communities.

Manchester siblings Jade and Christian sing in sign language on their joint social media account, Sign Along With Us.

Their social movement began as a way of helping Christian learn to communicate after a brain injury left him with a visual impairment and cerebral palsy.

Jade and Christian regularly perform together. Image: Sign Along With Us

However, their latest performance supports another cause on the other side of the world.

“We’re dedicating this song today to the absolute tragedy that’s happening in Australia,” Jade explained.

“We can’t believe that it’s happening and that people are losing their lives to these bushfires and it’s feared that over a billion animals have lost their lives as well.”

The siblings learnt the words to Let It Rain by Goodrem and sang it in sign language.

“[Delta’s] been kind enough to give all the money that she makes to the relief fund.

“Please, if you haven’t already, download this song or donate to the Red Cross.

“Let’s get it sorted now, it’s been going on for too long and we’re thinking of everybody in Australia,” Jade said.

The video has been watched on Twitter more than 8,000 times, including by the Australian singer herself.

“Absolute magic,” Goodrem wrote in a Tweet sharing the video to her followers.

The star’s reaction has thrilled the young signing singers.

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“Oh my, thank you so much Delta for watching our video, [we] feel so honoured you took the time,” they replied.

“We love you and your beautiful song so much, what you’ve done is incredible. All our thoughts and love are with you Australia, from Manchester, England.”

Goodrem was inspired to write Let It Rain after seeing the devastation caused by bushfire in Australia.

With Apple Music’s support, all proceeds of the song will be donated to bushfire relief.

10 daily has reached out to Sign Along With Us for comment.

Feature Image: @signalongwithus and @DeltaGoodrem