Boris Johnson Wants To Crowdfund A Million Dollars For 'Brexit Bong'

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed for the people of Britain to be able to “bung a bob” with the revival of Big Ben on Brexit night.  

Johnson plans to crowdfund the half-million pounds (nearly $AUD 1 million) he claims it takes to ring the bells of Big Ben to commemorate Brexit on January 31, 2020.

He said the iconic clock needed a crucial part restored before it could 'bong' over London. 

The bells are proposed to ring out at 11 pm, acting as the closing clapper of Parliament and sealer of Brexit.

Big Ben has been undergoing restoration since August 2017. Image: Getty

The 96-metre tall tower has been in restoration since August 2017 and has only rung out once since -- on Remembrance Day 2018.

The referendum that took place three and a half years ago for the UK to leave the European Union has had several setbacks -- the Brexit Deadline was extended twice under Theresa May and once again under Johnson.

The House of Commons Commission reported the cost of ringing Big Ben to be closer to $226 thousand – but have admitted in order to speed up the restoration and to delay other works within the bell tower it would cost a total of £500,000($943, 341 AUD).

If Johnson gets his almost million-dollar Brexit ‘bong’, it will mark the next stage in the Brexit process.

The UK will enter a transition period until December 31, 2020.



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