Man Dies Four Years After Work Colleague Poisoned His Sandwiches

A 26-year-old German man has died four years after a work colleague poisoned his sandwiches with lead.

The victim fell into a vegetative state after his colleague poisoned his sandwiches and drinks at work, a judicial official in the German city of Bielefeld confirmed to Deutsche Welle.

The victim suffered severe brain damage. Two of his colleagues, who were also targeted, suffered severe kidney damage.

The crime occurred at a metal fitting company in the city of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock.

In March 2019, a man only known as 'Klaus O', 57, was found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to life behind bars.

Deutsche Welle reports the accused was arrested in 2018 after CCTV showed him lacing his coworkers' food and drink with a homemade powder that contained lead and cadmium.

Authorities then searched the accused's home.

During Klaus O's trial, he was deemed to be a danger to the public and would not be eligible to have his sentence reduced.

A new trial will now be ordered given one of the victims has died and the defendant has appealed his existing sentence.

German prosecutors have claimed another 21 premature deaths at the company were also being investigated for ties to poisoning.