WATCH: This Romantic Sleeping Beauty Proposal Is One Way To Live Happily Ever After

A U.S. man took his girlfriend to watch Sleeping Beauty at the movies ... but it was far more than the average date night.

When Boston filmmaker Lee Loechler took his girlfriend Sthuthi David to a screening of her favourite Disney classic, it quickly turned into a date to remember.

For six months Loechler, with a bit of help from Aussie illustrator Kayla Coombs, had been working behind the scenes to transform Sleeping Beauty into the couple's own love story.

The pair managed to insert the high school sweethearts into one of the movie's most iconic scenes -- the kiss that wakes the sleeping princess.

Image: Youtube

The movie's hero then turns to the camera and throws a box containing a wedding ring to the crowd.

From there Loechler takes the lead and proposes, leaving David stunned.

He's not wrong... Image: Youtube

As the lights come up she turns around to realise her closest family and friends are in the audience watching the real-life fairytale unfold.

Every fairytale needs a happily ever after ... watch the video above to see what happens next.

Feature Image: Lee Loechler