WATCH: Man, 93, Shoots Apartment Manager In The Leg After His Home Floods

Warning: Graphic video.

An apartment manager in the US has been shot in the leg after a disgruntled resident allegedly opened fire over flooding in his apartment.

Robert Thomas, 93, is facing a string of charges including attempted murder with a deadly weapon, kidnapping, burglary and discharging a firearm within a structure over the January 2 incident.

Local police allege Thomas was at a Las Vegas apartment complex's rental office that morning complaining about water damage in his apartment.

Robert Thomas is accused of attempted murder. Image: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Assistant Sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Brett Zimmerman said officers rushed to the scene after receiving a call about a man with a gun making verbal threats at staff inside the management office.

Surveillance footage released on Tuesday shows Thomas, dressed in all black and sporting a black hat, walking into the office and speaking with two employees inside.

The footage shows a woman sitting at a desk with a man, understood to be the apartment manager, sitting across from her. Shortly after he begins speaking with the pair, Thomas pulls out a gun and waves it at them.

Police allege he then shoots one round into a computer screen.

Image: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Shortly after, the woman is allowed to leave the office by Thomas, and she rushes outside to call authorities.

After she leaves, the nonagenarian can be seen continuing to speak to the man and waving his gun.

Thomas then points the weapon directly at the man and fires, causing him to collapse immediately on the floor.

The footage then shows Thomas standing over the man and continuing to talk before shooting him in the leg again.

Police rushed to the scene and said they heard the shot when they arrived. Once inside, police say they ordered Thomas to drop his weapon as an officer opened fire.

"The round went through the glass door shattering the glass," Zimmerman told reporters at a briefing.

Thomas was uninjured by the shot after the bullet hit the lapel of his jacket and went straight through, Zimmerman said, adding Thomas later received a minor cut to the head while he was being arrested.

The victim, who has not been publicly identified, has since been released from hospital after being treated for a number of injuries to his leg.

Thomas has no prior criminal history.