Myth Busting: Do Eggs Stand Up During Solar Eclipses?

While thousands of skywatchers gathered across the world to glimpse a rare annular solar eclipse, others tested a theory.

Social media users in Malaysia and Indonesia took this opportunity to see if an egg could balance on its narrow side with the 'help of the eclipse'.

As many in Asia and the Middle East looked skyward to glimpse the sun forming a ring of fire around the moon in a rare annular solar eclipse, others were focused on the ground.

Many believe eclipses help eggs to balance. Image: HAKEEM MAAROF

Videos shared online showed success in the experiment in getting the eggs to balance on different surfaces, including road gravel, window panes and plates.

Trying to balance an egg on its narrow side is a challenge many have taken up, but few have succeeded in. Many people believe that eggs can be only balanced during an eclipse or equinox, NASA said.

The rare annular solar eclipse. Image: Associated Press

That theory was busted by Dr Chong Hon Yew, a retired physicist from the Malaysian Science University, and now the chairman of the Astronomical Society of Penang.

He told Reuters it was a myth, and that eggs could stand at any time of the year.



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"But it's a fun trick to get kids interested in science and astronomy," he added.