Woman, 44, Killed By Her Pitbull Amigo Who Attacked Her While She Was Having A Seizure

A 44-year-old woman in Somerset died on Friday night after she was mauled by her own dog, Amigo, while she was having a seizure.

Melissa Astacio's daughter, Heaven, was calling paramedics to come and treat her mother, and the dog launched its attack while she was on the phone.

The Bristol County District Attorney said when police arrived about 5.20 pm, they were "forced to deploy a Taser on the dog before being able to assist the victim, who was then rushed to Rhode Island Hospital".



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Astacio was pronounced dead in hospital, and her dog, an eight-year-old pit bull, was taken by Swansea Animal Rescue and is in quarantine.

Heaven told WJAR Amigo would usually just lay beside her mother, who has a history of seizures, and had never attacked her before.

She said she does not want the dog, who has been in her family since he was a puppy, to be put down.

"I think the dog was just trying to help my mom but he's just a dog and he didn't know any better."

"What happened that night, it never happened like that before. I don't want to see my dog get put down for something he was only trying to help with."