CCTV Of Little Girl's Cruise Ship Death Leaked

Grandfather offered plea deal in girl's cruise ship death as Puerto Rico TV show airs video.

An attorney for the grandfather of a toddler who fell to her death on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship tells CBS News that prosecutors are offering a plea deal. Sam Anello, who appeared in court in Puerto Rico Tuesday, is charged with negligent homicide in the July death of his granddaughter, 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand.

Meanwhile, surveillance video of the tragedy was leaked to a Puerto Rican TV show which aired it Tuesday night.

10 daily has chosen not to show the footage. If you wish to see it you can go here. 

It appears to show Anello lifting Wiegand up to an open window while the ship was docked in Puerto Rico. Anelo said he thought the window was closed, but prosecutors believe he was reckless.

In a statement, the Wiegand family said: "The family is shocked by the deplorable and disgraceful misconduct that led to the release of this footage.

The family's sole motivation for not releasing the video was to protect their older child. That motivation has not changed. The family publicly asks the Puerto Rican authorities, why was this footage released? Why do you continue to inflict such heinous emotional distress on our family? Haven't we been punished enough by the loss of Chloe? Finally, the family requests an immediate, independent investigation done into the circumstances surrounding the leak."



'It Will Haunt Him Forever': Grandfather Fights Charges Over Cruise Ship Death Of Toddler

A court hearing was held in Puerto Rico Wednesday for the grandfather of a toddler who died after falling from a cruise ship window.

"We are unaware of how Kobbo Santarrosa obtained the video of the unfortunate incident where Chloe Wiegand lost her life," Attorney General Dennise Longo Quiñones told CBS News. "A careful review of said video confirms, however that Salvatore Anello is guilty of negligent homicide as charged.

Salvatore Anello. Photo: Policia De Puerto Rico

The evidence collected in this case corroborates his criminal responsibility. We hope and expect Chloe's family fully cooperates with our proceedings and that justice prevails in this case with conviction."



Grandfather Charged Over Toddler's Cruise Ship Death Says He Was In 'Disbelief'

A man from Indiana whose granddaughter fell from a cruise ship said he was in "disbelief" when he saw what happened.

There's no plea deal in writing yet, according to the attorney representing the Indiana grandfather. But he tells CBS News the agreement would require Anello to plead guilty to negligent homicide in the death of Wiegand.

In exchange, he would get no jail time and minimum probation and supervision.