Forget Democracy Sausages, Dogs Are The True Stars Of An Election

Puppies appeared to be the main drawcard for British voters dragged through their third election in nearly five years.

It was billed as one of the most crucial votes in a generation but all the talk was about the adorable and very well behaved dogs waiting patiently for their owners out the front of polling stations.

There were single dogs, groups of dogs, dogs in Christmas costumes, dogs in scarfs, you name it, it was probably there.

One voter, Toby Tarrant, appeared to select one of the only polling stations in the country without a doggo.

"I was promised dogs. There are no dogs. Where are my f**king dogs?!" he tweeted alongside a sad and wet looking sign directing him to the ballot box.

Dogs weren't the only four-legged friends spotted about.

Not to be outdone, cat owners also dragged their far less impressed looking fluffballs along to the voting process as well.

Some were in capsules and backpacks, others were on a leash.

Bringing a pet to a polling booth has become something of a quirky tradition in Britain.

Owners will walk or carry their four-legged children to vote then snap a picture outside the station to share on social media.

But this year, with the vote a fortnight from Christmas, one Brit went all out, dragging along their reindeer for the occasion.

10 daily can not confirm reports they were stolen from Santa.

Horse lovers also made themselves seen, jumping on the bandwagon and riding their pets to the booths.

One woman took to social media to brag about her method of transport being "better than yours".

While the polls only closed several hours ago, the results look to be set in stone with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party to win.

An exit poll points to a parliamentary majority of 86 seats, which means Brexit is actually going to become a reality in early 2020.

Who would have thought?

Must have been the luck of the dog.