Eerie Footage Shows Tourists On White Island Moments Before Fatal Eruption

A tourist who had just left White Island when the volcano blew has shared footage of moments before and immediately after the deadly disaster.

Brazilian Allessandro Kauffmann was on a tour group that visited White Island on Monday, and spent much of his time at the volcano filming.

On Thursday, he shared a curated clip titled"Tour pelo vulcão (Volcano Tour) White Island - New Zealand", which he said "aims to show a little of what the White Island volcano tour was like before and after the eruption."

The tour group on the island minutes before the eruption. Image: Allessandro Kauffmann

The video begins with Kauffmann and the tour group boarding the boat and making their way to the island.

The next shots show dozens of tourists walking across the crater as guides share information about the volcano.

The boat returning to the island. Image: Allessandro Kauffmann

Kauffmann and his group walked to the edge of the crater, and at this point a subtitle in the video reads "here is the lake that is in the central part of the volcano".

After various shots of the island, the video shows Kauffmann heading back to the tour boat.



Just Minutes After The Eruption Screams Of Pain Rang Out


As they are sailing away, the next shots show the eruption taking place, with shouts of "oh my god" heard from other people on the tour.

A person can be heard yelling "go, go, go" while someone else tells the passengers to go inside the boat.

People waiting to be rescued after the eruption. Image: Allessandro Kauffmann

The ash and smoke from the volcano can be seen spreading towards the boat as the severity of the situation becomes apparent to passengers.

The boat then returns to the island to help remove other tourists.

The final shots of the video show a helicopter flipped over, another boat moored off the coast and covered in ash, and stranded tourists waiting on a pier to be rescued.

A tour boat covered in ash. Image: Allessandro Kauffmann

Kauffmann, who is currently living in Australia, had previously posted a video to his Instagram in the immediate hours after the eruption.

In the tearful video translated by the NZ Herald from Portuguese, Kauffmann said his group had been only been off the island for five minutes before the eruption.

“There were two tours on the volcano,” he said.

“Ours was the first. The other one right after. We left the island and it wasn’t even five minutes before it erupted. This other tour that arrived after couldn’t leave in time.

Kauffmann also described the scene he saw when his boat returned to the island.

“Some people have serious burns. We had to stay to help those people who were on the island. The boat from this other tour was covered in ash from the volcano. Very tense talking about this. We just have to hope that all is as well as can be," he said.



White Island Body Recovery Planned For Friday: NZ Police

New Zealand Police have confirmed plans to recover bodies from White Island are being finalised.

New Zealand Police have confirmed four Australians, Brisbane woman Julie Richards, 47, her daughter Jessica Richards, 20, Adelaide man Gavin Dallow, and Jason Griffiths from Coffs Harbour, have died.

There are also ten Australians who are missing, presumed dead, however retrieval of their bodies from the island has been hampered by signs of increased volcanic activity.

Two Sydney schoolboys, brothers Matthew and Berend Hollander were confirmed to have died on Thursday morning, and their parents are still believed to be missing.

Ten Australians are also being flown from New Zealand to Australia for medical treatment on Thursday.