Former Miss Earth Contestant Killed In 'Terrible' Car Crash

Former Miss World Zanib Naveed, 32, has been killed in a car accident on a highway in the United States.

Naveed suffered fatal injuries after she was struck by an oncoming vehicle while turning onto a highway in Maryland on Sunday night (local time).

The beauty queen hit a kerb and was thrown from her Mercedes.

Police said Naveed, who was from Pakistan but living in New York, was the only passenger at the time of the crash.

Naveed was crowned 'Miss Pakistan World' in 2012. Image: Facebook

The 32-year-old was crowned Miss Pakistan World in 2012 in Toronto and participated in the Miss Earth 2012 pageant in the Philippines.

On her Facebook, she described herself as an activist and entrepreneur, who studied at Pace University in New York.

Her brother, Ali Naveed, paid tribute to the beauty queen on social media, calling her his "rock" and sharing the final words they exchanged.

"She said 'whether you are Sunni, Shea, Jewish, Christian, it doesn’t matter. What matters is humanity. We have to love people not for their religion but for who they are."

Naveed had been described as having a promising future ahead of her.

She left behind her husband, parents and two brothers.

Naveed, 32, studied at Pace University in New York. Image: Facebook

President of Miss Pakistan World, Sonia Ahmed, described the incident as “upsetting” and “terrible”.

“Being a beauty queen to a country like Pakistan where there have been no beauty pageants on the soil of Pakistan is a tough job!," Ahmed told People magazine.

“It is a very upsetting time and terrible news and we can all hope and pray that her family gets through this painful situation,” she said.

Naveed was described as "a force to be reckoned with". Image: Facebook

A GoFundMe page has been created to help her family "remove the financial burden associated with her loss".

It had already raised more than $20,000 as of Friday morning.

On the page Naveed is described as having "a smile that could light up a room, a powerful personality, captivating eyes, a voice that demanded attention and beauty like no other."

"All who knew Zanib can attest to her strong will, always accomplishing her goals in life. She paved her own path to success, and had a promising future ahead of herself."

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