Sir Philip Pigglesworth III Fathers Adorable Baby Hoglets

Cute and curious, two baby hoglets have made their pubic debut, capturing hearts around the world. 

Toronto Zoo announced the two babes were born on November 4 to second-time mother Tisa and father Sir Philip Pigglesworth III.

The Zoo released videos of the two tiny hoglets sticking close to their mother as they explored their surroundings.

The little hoglets feed with their mum. Image: Twitter/ The Toronto Zoo.

"We are excited to announce that red river hog Tisa gave birth to a litter of two hoglets on Monday, November 4th," the Zoo said on Instagram.

"The curious hoglets are nursing well and eagerly explore their maternity habitat in the African Rainforest Pavilion."

The hoglets having a good feed. Image: Twitter/ The Toronto Zoo.

According to Toronto Zoo's website, the hogs can be found in west and central sub-Saharan Africa to northern South Africa and Madagascar.

They might be little now, but these babes can grow to 1.5 metres in length and between 50- 80 centimetres tall.

The hoglets have captured hearts across the globe, with people posting excited comments on social media.

The little ones are so small compared to their mum. Image: Twitter/ The Toronto Zoo.

"OMG!! Look at those little munchkins!" one person wrote on Twitter.

"OMG! They are adorable!" another person said.

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