Woman Gets 'Special Surprise' After Allegedly Stealing Packages From Family's Doorstep

A family whose online shopping deliveries were repeatedly allegedly stolen from their front porch got the ultimate revenge on a neighbourhood thief.

The family, from Hazelwood in the US state Missouri, caught a woman via a home surveillance camera allegedly stealing their Amazon delivery. The woman allegedly took the package -- a makeup pencil -- from behind a glass door at the front of the home and then walked off.

"I felt violated. It's not a good feeling,” the resident at the home and mother-of-one told news outlet KSDK.

The woman appearing to take a package from the door. Image: KSDK NEWS.

Just a few days later another Amazon package -- this time a onesie for the resident's daughter -- arrived at the home.

"The sensors went off, and I just knew it. Something was wrong, and there she was again," the mother said.

Overwhelmed and frustrated by being stolen from twice in one week, the mother decided the best approach was to have a little fun with the situation. She and her husband came up with a plan that involved their baby daughter -- a whole team effort, if you will.

"We put two dirty diapers in there, flipped them inside out, put them in the Amazon package, sealed them up, put them in the door," the mother told KSDK.

The woman appearing to take another package in the night. Image: KSDK NEWS.

It took just 24 hours for the thief to return and she took the bait, allegedly stealing the box with two dirty nappies inside.

"She got the special surprise from my daughter,” the mum said.

"It just felt good to feel like we got some sort of justice."

Hazelwood police managed to track down the thief and arrested her. While police concede the family's move was inventive, they don't necessarily recommend it.

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