The Beautiful Unicorn Puppy Who Went Viral Is Receiving Death Threats

The dog who made headlines for a tail-like growth between his eyes will live with his rescuer after receiving death threats online.

Narwhal, the 'unicorn dog' or 'puppacorn' was rescued in November by Mac's Mission, a US-based rescue group that helps animals with special needs.

Narwhal drew international attention when a photo of him, with a tail in the centre of his head, was posted on social media. Since then, Mac's Mission has received over 300 offers to adopt Narwhal, with many vowing to give the canine a life of love and care.

Narhwal the puppacorn. Image: Mac's Mission

But, not all the attention has been positive according to Rochelle Steffen, founder of the Mac's Mission in Jackson.

Steffen told The Southeast Missourian that she was concerned about "stupid, ugly comments" about this "sweet little puppy" written online.

Due to the online hate mail -- and Narwhal's winning personality --Steffen decided to reverse her decision to find a new home for the puppy.



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She said she was unable to determine which adoption applications were genuine and feared she would condemn Narhwal to a life of suffering if she chose the wrong one.

"If somebody is going to make money off of him, I would love to see it go toward the rescue, and save thousands more dogs," Steffen said.

"It's not just a decision from me," she said. "The whole rescue cannot fathom him leaving. We all fell in love with him."

Narhwal the puppacorn. Image: Mac's Mission

Mac's Mission is currently involved in a court case concerning the sale of a previously adopted dog, which taught Steffen that the organisation loses control over an animal's fate once it is adopted.

The mission's former treasurer, Elizabeth Hann, is awaiting trial on charges that she stole $US120,000 ( $AUD175,000) from the organisation.

"We have had a rough couple of years here," Steffen said.

"Lots of loss, lots of hurt."

For now, Steffen is concentrating on letting Narwahl grow, and getting him fully vaccinated and socialised.

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