Big Brother Contestant Forced To Watch Own Sexual Assault In Diary Room

WARNING: Distressing content.

The Spanish version of Big Brother is under fire after a contestant was filmed as she was shown footage of her own alleged sexual assault.

Carlota Prado, 24, was called into the diary room alone after an alcohol-fuelled party in 2017 and was forced to watch fellow contestant Jose Maria Lopez allegedly have sex with her while she was unconscious.

As the video played, a visibly distraught Prado can be heard begging the 'Super'  -- the voice known as Big Brother in Australia -- to stop it.

"Please, Super, stop now, please," she said through tears.

"We think you need to see this, Carlota," the voice of the diary room replied.

The scene never went to air but was leaked to Spanish news site El Confidencial last week.

In footage of the alleged rape, Prado reportedly said "no, I can't" to Lopez before he crawled under the covers and allegedly had sex with her for several minutes while she was unconscious.

The show's production team was forced to interrupt him over the bedroom's loudspeaker, the Telegraph reports. Prado had no idea what had happened after she had been helped to lie down by Lopez until she watched the footage back.

The accused was immediately booted from the show.

Zeppelin, the production company that makes the show, reported the incident to police immediately, but Prado opted not to press charges at the time and returned to the Big Brother house five days later.

Jose Maria Lopez is accused of sexually assaulting Carlota Prado. Image: via Twitter

Prado said that despite the incident, she wasn't prepared to face the reality of the situation in the outside world.

"I came back because I didn't have the courage to face reality. I didn't want to leave the isolation of that house," she told El Confidential.

"It was very hard, but I thought it was going to be less hard than facing the reality from the outside. Although, in truth, all I was doing was extending what was coming up on me".

She slammed the decision to show her the confronting footage in the diary room, alone, with cameras rolling.

“There should have been someone at my side, a psychologist or someone who would help me face those really difficult images,” Prado said.

“They never asked me if I wanted to see that … if they asked, I would have said no".

The footage was only leaked last week. Image: El Confidencial

Prado has since reported the incident to police and a judge has recommended putting Lopez on trial. Lopez denies the sexual assault allegations.

In the wake of the revelations, more than 40 brands have cut ties with the reality TV show, including Ferrero Rocher and Nestle Espana.

"Hello, we totally reject any type of gender abuse or violence and we have decided to withdraw advertising in these circumstances," Nestle said, according to Sky News.

Endemol Shine Group, the company behind the Big Brother format said that "no footage was ever shot with the intention of being broadcast".

"With hindsight, we regret that the conversation in which Carlota was informed took place in the diary room," the company said in a statement.

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