Sleepy Seal Pup Rescued From Garage, Melts Hearts

Santos has won fans around the world after footage emerged of him napping after what must have been an exhausting rescue.

The five-month-old fur seal managed to make his way into a garage in Redwood City, California on Monday.

A concerned citizen quickly phoned firefighters who arrived to take the wayward pup home.

Image: Redwood City Fire Department.

Footage shows the tiny mammal looking playful while being lead on a rope, before he was safely whisked back to the fire station.

After posing for a few photos and videos, it appeared Santos couldn't keep his eyes open any longer and he fell fast asleep.

Image: Redwood City Fire Department.

Firefighters from the Redwood City Fire Department couldn't resist posting a few 'nap shots' to social media.

"Meet Santos, our little friend who needed some assistance this morning," the department said in an Instagram post.

"He found his way into a local parking structure and a good citizen called RCFD to the rescue. 5-month-old Santos made it back to the fire station where he posed for pictures and took a nap".

"What a cutie," was the most common response from followers.

"Oh my heart," said another.

The department confirmed Santos has been collected by the Marine Mammal Center and is now being monitored and treated before being released back into the wild.

Santos the cutie. Image: Redwood City Fire Department.

Giancarlo Rulli, a spokesman for the organisation, told CNN that it was unusual to find this particular type of seal onshore -- let alone in a garage.

Generally, fur seals like Santos spend their time in open ocean far from any shoreline, and on rocky islands.

Rulli said the marine centre has seen an increasing number of northern fur seals on the mainland, which he said could be due to the changing ocean environment.