Strongman Dropped Weights On Penis, Almost Bled To Death

Eddie 'The Beast' Hall can lift cars, pull planes and throw beer kegs but he's revealed not all of his weightlifting attempts were a success, detailing one particularly horrific incident.

Crowned the U.K.'s Strongest Man six times, Hall has recalled the day he slipped and "nearly bled to death".

The 31-year-old had piled a load of heavy weights on to a leg press machine at the gym, when they slipped and fell straight onto his penis.

Image: Eddie Hall Instagram

"It [came] crushing down and the weights had landed on my penis. I nearly bled to death," Hall told The Mirror newspaper.

"It was bad. The worst ever."

Surprisingly, he didn't call for help. Hall said he simply lifted the weights off and drove to hospital, where he was stitched up.

"I was back training soon enough," he said.

The 190-centimetre, 177-kilogram beast was crowned the World's Strongest Man in 2017, and remains the only person to ever deadlift 500kg.

He did, however, pass out immediately afterward.

In a wide-ranging interview, Hall also told The Mirror of how his daily schedule looks as a world-class strongman -- in short, it's a lot of eating.

To keep his buff physique, Hall sticks to a seriously high-calorie diet and a stringent three-hour-a-day workout regime.

He eats a whopping 8,000 calories each day, beginning with two breakfasts.

"A full English at first – four slices of bacon, four sausages, black pudding, eggs, fried bread, beans, the works," he said.

"Then a second breakfast of porridge and about five portions of fruit".

The Beast eats like a beast. Image: Eddie Hall Instagram

Hall said he snacks on nuts and jerky all morning, before chowing down on a steak with rice, pasta, and veggies, as well as half a family-sized cheesecake. He eats a larger load of carbs and the other half-cheesecake for dinner.

The huge shopping list is pricey, with Hall spending up to £300 a week on groceries during peak training periods -- roughly AUD$570.

The Beast admitted that the grocery bill isn't his only challenge.

"I’ve broken a few sofas in my time," he said of his immense weight.

"I plonk myself down on my friends’ sofas and often they split straight down the middle."

"I have a custom-made, heavy-duty bed at home, but I’ve broken my fair share of hotel beds, too," he said.

Transport can also be chaos for Hall who doesn't fit in a standard seat.

"It has to be first-class on trains, business class on planes -- I don’t fit in an economy seat. I drive the largest car I could get in the UK, a Ford Ranger pick-up. Even that’s a squeeze," he said.