Fashion Brand Apologises For Selling 'Concentration Camp' Outfit

Luxury fashion brand Loewe has issued a mortifying apology for releasing a $2,835 outfit that bore resemblance to a concentration camp uniform.

The Spanish fashion house was forced to pull the black-and-white striped outfit from its stores, which included a matching button-down shirt and pants.

Customers blasted the company for the ensemble, which they claimed resembled what prisoners wore at Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust.

“This just baffles me. How the f**k does an entire team of people overlook such a similarity in design to the most horrifying event of the 20th century,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Wow this is one of the poorest taste I’ve seen in a while,” another added.

The fashion brand apologised on Friday and said it was "never our intention" to sell an outfit that reminded buyers of "one of the most odious moments in the history of mankind", CNN reported.

The outfit was a piece from Loewe's William De Morgan collection, which took its inspiration from the 19th century British ceramicist.

The collection comes with a hefty price tag and includes items that are selling at up to AUD$12,000.



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Fashion industry watchdog Diet Prada called out the company on Instagram for not removing the item from its stores quick enough.

"Loewe has week-old comments calling this out on post featuring a black and white image from @britishvogue ... when will we see a response? ," the account wrote.

The fashion brand is not the first to make headlines for selling clothing that appeared to mirror Holocaust uniforms.

Zara was forced to remove this t-shirt in 2014. Image: Zara

Spanish brand Zara also came under fire for selling a striped children's t-shirt which included a yellow star in 2014.

Critics pointed out that the star resembled the star of David, which Nazis forced Jewish people to wear during the Holocaust.

The company dismissed these claims and said the star was inspired by "the sheriff's stars from the Classic Western films" before promptly pulling the item hours after it went on sale.

A Urban Outfitters t-shirt was criticised for resembling a Holocaust uniform. Image: ADL

Urban Outfitters was also called out in 2015 when they released a t-shirt with grey stripes and a pink triangle.

The pink badge appeared similar to what gay inmates were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps to identify they were homosexual.

The Anti-Defamation League requested the company remove the shirt from its stores, claiming it was "eerily reminiscent" of uniforms worn during the Holocaust.

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