Truck Rips Huge Sinkhole Which Swallows Car Whole

A woman suffered a broken nose after driving straight into a huge sinkhole in a road in Brazil, which had been ripped open by a truck seconds earlier.

CCTV captured the frightening incident on Tuesday, in the Brazilian province of Flores da Cunha -- about 100 kilometres north of Porto Alegre, in the country's south.

Footage shows a truck, carrying a load of dirt, driving normally along the road. But unbeknownst to the driver, the road simply caved in below the vehicle as it travelled.

A yawning black cavern opened up in the asphalt, with a car following near behind the truck pulling over to the side of the road. However, a second car wasn't as lucky.

The grey sedan drove straight into the hole, landing heavily. Chunks of the tarmac crumbled from the edge of the hole, dropping onto the car.

The white car which had earlier pulled up next to the sinkhole drove a little way up the road before stopping again. One of its occupants jumped out to render assistance, signalling to other cars to be careful.

An occupant of the car in the hole manages to extricate themselves, seeming to have avoided serious injury.

A driver stopped their car to try and help. Image: Twitter

Brazilian media outlet G1 reported the 34-year-old female driver suffered a broken nose, while her 12-year-old daughter sustained only minor injuries.

"We were going and fell. It just fell out of nowhere. Then we opened the car doors and we tried to get out. A man came and got on the hood to help us," the girl said, according to G1.

The incident damaged plumbing pipes below the road, leading to water issues in the nearby neighbourhood.