'It Will Haunt Him Forever': Grandfather Fights Charges Over Cruise Ship Death Of Toddler

A court hearing was held in Puerto Rico Wednesday for the grandfather of a toddler who died after falling from a cruise ship window.

Salvatore Anello is charged with negligent homicide in the death of 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand.

The little girl fell more than 30 metres back in July when Anello lifted her up to an open window while the Royal Caribbean ship was docked in San Juan. The family's attorney said Anello thought the window was closed.

Anello stood before a judge Wednesday with an attorney and translator present. No evidence was released. Anello's next court appearance will be on December 17, at which time the court will pick a trial date.

Chloe Wiegand fell more than 30 metres. Photo: CBS

Chloe's family is shocked Puerto Rican prosecutors are holding Anello responsible, their attorney told CBS News correspondent David Begnaud reports.

"The family's really not doing well. I think they're really devastated by the fact that these charges have been filed and that this case continues to go forward," said Michael Winkleman, the family's attorney. "They're shocked because they think it's groundless. … They certainly didn't want charges to be filed."



Grandfather Charged In Death Of Granddaughter Who Fell From Cruise Ship

A grandfather who police say dropped his young granddaughter from the 11th floor of a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico in July has been accused of negligent homicide.

Winkleman, who is not representing Anello in the criminal case, said despite the family's wishes, prosecutors are pushing forward.

The accident was caught on surveillance camera, and although Winkleman thinks the grandfather is not criminally responsible, the prosecutors may be seeing something else, he said.

The family isn't doing well after Chloe Wiegand's grandfather was charged over her death.. Photo: CBS

"You have to assume that it shows something that really led the Puerto Rican authorities to believe there was criminal offense, so clearly there's something in that video," he said. The video has not been released.

Chloe's family is pointing the finger squarely at Royal Caribbean, accusing the cruise liner of creating a fatal safety hazard. And they're planning to sue.



Mum Of Little Girl Who Died On Cruise Ship Breaks Her Silence

Cruise company could have done "a million things" to prevent toddler's death, mother says.

Winkleman said the little girl's grandfather has already been punished enough. "I think this was a tragic mistake. It will haunt him forever and there's just no reason for charges to have been filed," he said.

Royal Caribbean issued a short statement saying because they expect a lawsuit to be filed, they have no comment. They believe what happened was a tragic accident.