Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Awarded Major United Nations Science Prize

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will be awarded a prestigious prize by the United Nations acknowledging his life-long passion and curiosity for science.

The Australian scientist, 71,  will receive the UNESCO Kalinga Prize on Wednesday evening at the World Science Forum in Budapest, Hungary.

The award is global recognition for Dr Karl's gift for communicating scientific theories and ideas to the public. It will also acknowledge his enthusiasm for science and his curiosity about learning more about the field.

“I’m ever so honoured by this prize," Dr Karl said.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Dr Karl said he is 'honoured' to receive the prize. Image: Supplied/University of Sydney.

Dr Karl is the first Australian to be awarded the Kalinga Prize, with previous recipients including Margaret Mead, David Attenborough, Arthur C. Clarke, Bertrand Russell and David Suzuki.

The Kalinga Prize was founded in 1951 by the Kalinga Foundation, the Indian Government and the Indian State of Orissa and is UNESCO's oldest award.

The Kalinga Foundation aims to modernise society through the development of science and technology. The UN prize acknowledges an individual who has "popularised" science for all people to access.

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Dr Karl is regarded both in Australia and internationally as one of the great voices on the importance and relevance of science in daily life.

He's well-known for his weekly ABC Triple J science talk-back segments, which attract over 750,000 listeners a week. His podcasts, including 'Shirtloads of Science' are downloaded more than 4 million times a year and he volunteers his time during twice-weekly free Skype broadcasts to Australian and international schools.

He's also a regular guest on Australian television and radio.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Dr Karl in 1975. Image: Supplied/University of Sydney.

Dr Karl has written 45 books. His latest, called Dr Karl's Random Road Trip, was published in October.

He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2006 and was named as a National Living Treasure by the National Trust of Australia in 2012.

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