Amateur Wildlife Photographer Snaps Incredibly Rare Three Antler Deer

When a retired U.S politician went for a walk with his camera, he was hoping to photograph something to share on social media, but he didn't expect to come across a very rare species.

Since 2012, Steve Lindberg has uploaded a photo every day of wildlife in his native Michigan.

It was a cold, winter's day and he wasn't particularly inspired by the few photos he took. It wasn't until he went home and uploaded the pictures to his computer, that he noticed something was different.

"I have thousands of photos of white-tailed deer but I immediately recognised that this one was unusual... he had this little mess of antlers on top of his head," he told BBC.

"I thought: 'Oh jeez, I got my photo for the day.'"

Lindberg usually gets several likes and one or two comments when he posts photos.

But this particular shot has been shared 3 400 times and liked almost 700 times.

Some comments suggested the photograph had been doctored.

"I've stopped reading what people are writing because I've been accused of photoshopping... I've been told: 'I want to know where it is because I want to kill it,'" he said.

Lindberg, 75, is a former hunter but has told local media he stopped shooting animals about a decade ago, and has since opted to shoot them with his camera.

Lindberg shares his daily wildlife photographs on his Facebook page. IMAGE: Steve Lindberg

The photograph was taken on 10 November, five days before the hunting season begins later this week.

Veterinarian Steve Edwards, of Lakeview in Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press that the deer is normal and healthy. He said it was possible something happened when the deer was an embryo before birth.

The three-antler deer is probably a “one-in-a-million thing”, he said.