Qantas To Trial First Direct Flight Between Sydney And London

Macaroni cheese and a steak sandwich for breakfast could be the secret to surviving the longest ever proposed commercial flight, which Qantas wants to run from London to Sydney.

This week the airline is trialling the 17,800km journey, with a team of volunteer passengers and researchers, who are testing the best ways to endure almost 20 hours of non-stop flying.

The proposed dinner at breakfast time, will be served after QF7879 takes off from Heathrow at 6am local time.

In theory, the meal swap will help passengers get off to sleep a few hours later, and then be adjusted for the time zone in Sydney when they land.

The new aircraft Qantas will use for the Sydney to London flight, marked with '100' to celebrate the airline's centenary. Image: Supplied.

“The aim of encouraging them to sleep at 10am in the morning London time to help avoid light and reset their body clock to Sydney time,” Professor Corinne Caillaud from the Charles Perkins Centre at Sydney University sais.

Caillaud was involved in Qantas’ last Project Sunrise flight from New York to Sydney, where participants did the macarena to get blood flowing and help the body clock adjust.



First Ultra-Long-Haul Commercial Flight Between Sydney And New York Touches Down

The first direct commercial flight between Sydney and New York landed in Australia after 19 hours and 16 minutes in the air.

“This time maybe less music but we will see how it goes.”

“This research is going to change the way people travel, in particular moving on a flight.”

The new aircraft marked with '100' to celebrate the airline's centenary.Image: Supplied.

The plane will fly through two sunrises, attempting to make the journey London non-stop to Sydney, in record time.

“Why they are called Project Sunrise is after the amazing flights that took place during the Second World War,” Qantas CEO Alan Joyce explained.

“You are on the aircraft for so long, you will see two sunrises, which is what you will see on the flight [QF7879].”

“We used to give a certificate to everyone in the 1930s who did the flights.”

The world’s first flight from London to Australia took place one hundred years ago, over 28 days.

The flight will leave from Heathrow Airport. Image: Getty Images.

But QF7879 should leave the UK and land in Sydney nineteen hours and thirty minutes later --  that would be a record time.

“It is absolutely amazing to be here and to be part of it,” Professor Caillaud said.

"It is a really unique opportunity to transform the way people travel and adjust to time zones and be functional when they arrive.”

Byron Wilson


With Qantas Flying Non-Stop For 19 Hours, Here's A Reminder How Planes Stay In The Air

Now that Qantas has flown into the history books after completing a record 19-hour flight from New York to Sydney, aeronautical engineer Byron Wilson answers the question on everyone's lips.

Qantas is investigating opening the longest routes in history from Sydney to New York and London, off the back of the success of the airline’s Perth-London flight.

“We are excited about how well the Perth-London flight has gone.”

Qantas started flying direct between Perth and London in 2017. Image: Getty Images.

“It’s probably the most successful flight we have launched in Qantas’ 99-year history.”

“It’s very unusual for an airline to have the highest customer satisfaction on its longest route overall.”

The flight from London to Sydney will take off from Heathrow Airport and travel over 11 countries before landing in Sydney at midday on Friday.

Captain Helen Trennery said “This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as crew.”