'False Alarm': Amsterdam Airport Evacuated After Staff Accidentally Triggered Emergency Response

Air Europa has been forced to apologise after one of its staff accidentally raised the alarm for a plane hijacking.

The airline confirmed the blunder in a tweet on Thursday morning, saying it was a 'false alarm'.

The airline apologised after the call for help triggered a widespread response from emergency services and military at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

Areas of Schiphol airport and its railway station were evacuated as part of the emergency response on Wednesday afternoon, local time.  The airport tweeted they were investigating a 'situation on board a plane' but could not confirm its nature.

Emergency services rushed to the airport, including a special police operations team and two trauma helicopters.

Dutch Airport
The emergency vehicles. Image: Twitter/Peter Vandermeersch.
Dutch Airport
The plane with the 'incident' on board. Image: Twitter/Peter Vandermeersch.

The Dutch military was also involved, calling the situation 'suspicious'.

"We are currently investigating a suspicious situation on board an aircraft," a tweet from the military read.

Some Dutch media outlets also reported the incident was a possible aircraft hijacking by three men armed with knives.

The plane was an Air Europa flight from Amsterdam to Madrid, due to depart at about 7pm local time.

Dutch Airport
People delayed after security lockdown at the airport. Image: Twitter/ Kat Wolseley.
Dutch Airport
Parts of the airport were closed down. Image: Twitter/Peter Vandermeersch.

Throughout the incident, Schiphol airport continued to operate, but there were significant delays to both inbound and outbound flights.

Passengers are now able to return to their departure gates.

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