Queen Elizabeth Goes Fur-Free

New outfits designed for Britain's Queen Elizabeth will no longer be made with real fur, Buckingham Palace said, in a move welcomed by animal rights activists.

However, while the 93-year-old monarch's future garments will be made with fake fur, she will not dispose of old outfits adorned in real fur.

"As new outfits are designed for The Queen, any fur used will be fake," a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Queen Elizabeth
All the Queen's outfits will be made with fake fur. Image: Getty Images.

"We are not suggesting that all fur on existing outfits will be replaced, or that The Queen will never wear fur again. The Queen will continue to re-wear existing outfits in her wardrobe."



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Over the years, the queen has been photographed in an array of fully fur or fur-trimmed outfits including evening stoles, ceremonial robes, winter hats and coats.

Queen Elizabeth
The Queen will continue to wear outfits with fur. Image: Getty Images.

Animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) welcomed the move.



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"We're raising a glass of gin and Dubonnet to the Queen's compassionate decision to go fur-free," PETA UK wrote on its Twitter feed.

Queen Elizabeth
animal activist groups welcomed the move for the Queen to go fur-free. Image: Getty Images.

The news follows steps by several fashion houses to go fur-free and improve their green and ethical credentials as consumers became more environmentally aware.

Last year, London Fashion Week, a trade event where designers present their latest creations on the catwalk, declared itself fur-free for the first time.