Brekky Wrap: Fortnite Superstar Handed Lifetime Ban For Cheating, 'Ruining Game'

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

A popular Fortnite Youtuber has been slapped with a lifetime ban by the game's creators for cheating. FaZe Jarvis, 17, revealed to his two million followers that he used aimbots, a cheat that allows players to automatically aim at opponents. In the tearful admission, Jarvis apologised to fans. "It's obvious that I made a massive mistake. And, of course, I would never think about doing anything like this again," he said. "You know, when I was making those videos, I never thought about the consequences that could happen from me making those videos. I just thought about entertaining you guys." An Epic Games spokesperson has told The Sun that people like Jervis "ruin games for people are playing fairly". "We have a zero-tolerance policy for the usage of cheat software," they said.

Image: YouTube

The Prime Minister will unveil a major assistance package to support drought-hit farmers and communities. Those affected will be offered interest-free loans for the first two years. At least $500 million will also be redirected from existing regional infrastructure programs to provide direct investment into affected communities. It's in a bit to boost rural jobs and stimulate local economies.  It's the second time Scott Morrison has extended the program in less than two months.

Angus Barclay in drought ravaged Warren. Image: Krystle Wright/supplied

A false alarm has sparked chaos at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport this morning. Part of the airport was shut down and emergency services were called in following reports of a hijacking. Air Europa has since confirmed a pilot had accidentally set off an alert. "False alarm. In the flight Amsterdam-Madrid this afternoon was activated, by mistake, a warning that triggers protocols on hijackings at the airport," the airline tweeted.



'False Alarm': Amsterdam Airport Evacuated After Staff Accidentally Triggered Emergency Response

Air Europa has been forced to apologise after one of its staff accidentally raised the alarm for a plane hijacking.

A manhunt is underway following a fatal stabbing at a Sydney construction site. A property developer, 76, died at the scene in St Peters, while his 33-year-old son was taken to hospital in a serious condition. The suspect, last seen wearing high-vis and work boots, remains on the run.

Police at the scene of the stabbing at St Peters. Image: 10 News First



Manhunt Continues After One Dead, One Injured In Construction Site Stabbing

Police are still hunting for a man who allegedly fled the scene of a fatal stabbing at a Sydney construction site.

Firefighters in northern NSW are on high alert with hot, windy conditions expected. A total fire ban is in place from Sydney through to Queensland. More than 60 bush and grass fires are burning across the state, but none are above advice level.

The first public hearings in the Donald Trump impeachment will be held next week. Three State Department officials will testify. The investigation is looking into whether the US President withheld aid to Ukraine to push for an investigation into political opponent Joe Biden.

Image: Chen Mengtong/China News Service/VCG via Getty

The U.K parliament has been dissolved, paving the way for a December election. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has kicked off his campaign, promising to deliver Brexit. "Come with us, get Brexit done, and take this country forward," he said. "Or, and this is the alternative next year, spend the whole of 2020 in a horror show of yet more dither and delay".

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