Woman Who Owns 20 Snakes 'Killed' By Massive Python Around Her Neck

A woman who owns 20 snakes has been found dead with a 2.4 metre reticulated python wrapped around her neck.

The woman's body was located in Benton County, Indiana on Wednesday night, US police said.

Indiana State Police said Benton County Sheriff Don Munson found the woman inside the home, according to WLFI.

It appeared the woman had been “killed by a reptile,” police said.

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The woman owned 20 snakes, according to police. Image: Getty

Local police described the building as a “reptile home” that had been specifically set up to house 140 snakes.

It's understood the woman, identified as Laura Hurst, 36, owned 20 of the snakes.

US media reported Hurst was at the property frequently.

The woman was killed by a reptile, according to police. Image: Getty

Police found a reticulated python around the woman’s neck, according to the Journal & Courier.

The newspaper also reported that Sheriff Munson owns the home.

Police said Hurst’s cause of death would be determined during an autopsy on Friday.