'It's A F***ing Tooth': Couple's Sickening Find In Chinese Takeaway

A couple claims to have found a human tooth while chowing down on a meal from their local Chinese restaurant.

Worcester couple Stephanie McDonough and Dave Burrows were a few mouthfuls into their pork curry on Friday night when they made the sickening find.

After immediately phoning Newtown Cantonese Takeaway and alerting mangement, they were told that the tooth wasn't a tooth at all, just animal gristle or onion.

It doesn't look like gristle or onion... Image: Stephanie McDonald via Facebook

McDonald shared the evidence on Facebook warning locals: "Do not use Newtown Chinese Worcester!!"

"Trying to say it’s just gristle from the pork then said it could be from the onion, uhm It's a f*****g tooth," she raged.

The couple claims that while a delivery driver was sent out with a £6.30 refund -- 11 Aussie dollars -- they never received an apology.

The tooth has been frozen with the food for testing. Image: Stephanie McDonald via Facebook

"They will only refund the contaminated food, not the rest which is obviously not eatable being covered in pork and tooth curry," Mcdonald said. "Still no apology".

The post has been shared more 5,000 times with many users labelling the finding "shocking", "gross" and "disgusting".



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The couple has since frozen part of the meal with the tooth inside "for environmental health to test".

The restaurant currently has a 4.7-star rating on Google following 35 reviews.