Ooh La La! Is The Paris 2024 Olympic Logo Too Sexy?

The fancy new logo for the 2024 Paris Olympic games has been unveiled, but while some say it's tasteful symbolism, others believe it's far too sexy.

The logo was presented to the public on Monday in Paris and features a yellow symbol which has a three-fold meaning.

The yellow circle depicts a gold medal, the Olympic flame and 'Marianne' -- the mascot for the Paris games -- in one picture.

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2024 Paris Olympic Games Logo. Image: Getty Images.
2024 Paris Paralympic Games Logo. Image: Getty Images.

According to the Olympic Channel Twitter page, Marianne is a "French national symbol who encourages us to be egalitarian, sharing and generous".

She is also a personification of these values, which came to define France following the end French revolution in 1789.

Organisers told attendees at the logo launch event that it was designed to deliver a "simple and powerful" statement before and throughout the summer games.

“Through this artistry, the emblem honours French culture and creativity. It expresses the pride of a country which will welcome the world in 2024, to its capital city, Paris.”

It was also revealed that for the first time in history, the logo for the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will be the same.

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There have been mixed reactions to the style of the logo, with some making fun of Marianne's hairstyle and pursed lips.

Others claimed the flame shape resembled the logo from dating app Tinder. Some even joked they'd date Marianne if she were real or 'swipe right' on her.

Some people simply felt the logo was a little strange.

Others loved the design and meaning behind it, giving the Games organisers a thumbs up.

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