Mum Gives Birth During Tornado By Candlelight In Laundry

A baby girl has made her grand entrance into the world amid candlelight and blaring tornado sirens.

As a wild storm ripped through Texas on Sunday -- uprooting trees, ripping off roofs and tearing down power lines -- a mother went into labour.

Unable to just bunker down and wait it out, the woman arrived at The Bump Birthing Centre in Dallas.

 “She had just started pushing when the power went out and the sirens went off, and we had to shuffle to the laundry room,” the centre’s owner and chief midwife, Kasie McElhaney told Daily News.

Image: The Bump Birthing Centre

The laundry obviously wasn't equipped for tornadoes or childbirth, given it's barely big enough for a twin-sized bed.

“It’s the only room in the centre that has no windows, and it’s centrally located. So that’s where we went,” McElhaney said.

But as the tornado neared, the bub was born safe and sound.

"Baby girl born in our laundry room with the tornado sirens going off, a tornado on the ground half a mile away, and no candle light!" the centre posted to Facebook.

"Welcome to the world beauty!"

A name is yet to be decided for the baby, but there have been some interesting name suggestions thrown out on social media such as Stormy, Perfect Storm and Autumn Rain.

Despite the tornado causing severe damage, no casualties were reported. According to the City of Dallas Office of Emergency, three people were taken to hospital with storm-related injuries -- none life-threatening.